Meaning of Mummerset in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌməsɛt/


mass noun
  • An imitation rustic West Country accent used by actors.

    ‘It sounds to me like the most affected and clueless type of Mummerset but I'm no expert.’
    • ‘I hope they don't give her an exaggerated Mummerset accent in the film.’
    • ‘An example of Mummerset would be ‘Baint be thet bor’ (It is not that boy).’
    • ‘She grinned and sang ‘Faarmer Brown's cow went POOP against the waaall’ in the ripest of Mummerset accents.’
    • ‘I'm not bad at doing generic Scouse, Geordie, Brummie, Mummerset etcetera but not so good at imitating specific people's voices.’


1950s probably from mummer, on the pattern of Somerset.