Meaning of mummy's boy in English:

mummy's boy


informal British
  • A boy or man who is excessively influenced by or attached to his mother.

    • ‘There is a stubborn stereotype of young Spanish men as homesick mummy's boys, who live in the parental home until well into their 20s and are happiest among their friends from the pueblo.’
    • ‘It's totally about the attitude, and there is no reason why playing quiet music means that you have to be a simpering mummy's boy.’
    • ‘On one occasion she claimed she found a note in different hands which said: ‘Adam's got big ears and if they were any bigger he would fly’ and ‘Adam's a mummy's boy, always crying’.’
    • ‘He's 5ft 10 in of mush; a mummy's boy with a penchant for cowboy hats and a ‘warrior’ tattoo.’
    • ‘I'm very close to Mum - a real mummy's boy, to be honest.’
    • ‘He was in particular a mummy's boy and would do any thing for me like carrying the shopping, brushing my hair and if my back hurt he would tie my shoelaces.’
    • ‘I was a bit of a mummy's boy, and I recall her being very soft, very supportive.’
    • ‘Alexander's story is one of palace intrigue, a bad marriage between fiery, feisty parents and a determination to impress his father Philip, who is inclined to dismiss him as a mummy's boy.’
    • ‘I want a mummy's boy who sits on my knee all day and tell me he loves me.’
    • ‘I have a feeling that Callum's a real mummy's boy, and that he'll get pretty jealous of the new baby.’
    • ‘‘We're all such mama's boys, we couldn't stand to move away,’ says Johnson.’
    • ‘At the same time, he's too much the sissypants mama's boy to actually throw in the towel.’
    • ‘He carries candy around in his pockets, admits to being a mama's boy and rarely goes out with teammates, instead spending most of his spare time playing video games in his room.’
    • ‘The survey also uncovered that there are quite a few mama's boys out there.’
    • ‘I get along with my mom and I obey her, but I'm not a mama's boy.’
    • ‘He's smaller than the others and he's a little bit of a mama's boy, but he's also the fiercest.’
    • ‘I have a bad enough reputation without being labeled a mama's boy.’
    • ‘It is a slight mystery how you can say you're in a ‘great relationship,’ save for the fact that your fella is a mama's boy who's vowed he will live with her forever.’
    • ‘A little mama's boy still living at home probably won't need this, however, it is essential for any average guy living on his own.’
    • ‘But my worst fears were realized when, in a heated argument, a woman I had started dating called me a mama's boy.’