Meaning of muncher in English:



See munch

‘I say that it's remarkable the extent to which Noel thinks of himself in class terms, but he misinterprets this - perhaps deliberately - and acts as if I have just accused him of being a secret focacia muncher.’
  • ‘Yes, you're encouraged to yell at the driver who almost runs you down or squawk at the repeat muncher who grabs the last sample off a tray in a grocery store.’
  • ‘It was uncomplicated to prepare and surprising toothsome to a die-hard meat muncher.’
  • ‘The statistics paint a picture of munchers and snackers toiling over crumb-infested keyboards, surrounded by a sea of empty potato-chip bags and unfurled candy-bar wrappers.’
  • ‘There are 3,000 red deer on the Black Mount and, as in the rest of Scotland, they must be culled regularly if they are not to cause serious environmental damage: deer, voracious munchers, strip the land bare.’