Meaning of mundanely in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmʌnˈdeɪnli/


See mundane

‘More mundanely, not all those who would ‘pass’ have access to the same level of resources or conversely, the same capacity to deflect scrutiny.’
  • ‘There was a great deal of variation, ranging from the mundanely technical to the anguished plea for understanding and cooperation.’
  • ‘More mundanely, they're cooks, cleaners, drivers, a pair of willing hands and the biggest fan their child will ever have.’
  • ‘Consequently, Irish immigrant correspondence was filled primarily with information that was, for its authors and recipients, vitally important but which often appears to contemporary scholars as mundanely personal or familial.’
  • ‘More mundanely, by reducing the weight, recoil, and the upper-body strength required to use infantry weapons effectively, technology has made it possible for women to participate in combat on an equal footing with men.’