Meaning of Mundulla yellows in English:

Mundulla yellows

Pronunciation /mʌnˌdʌlə ˈjɛləʊz/

plural noun

treated as singular
  • A disease of eucalyptus and other native Australian plants, causing a progressive and destructive yellowing of leaves.

    ‘Mundulla yellows poses the biggest threat to woodland birds this country has ever seen’
    • ‘There are claims today of a breakthrough in diagnosing the tree disease, Mundulla Yellows.’
    • ‘A contractor mistakenly felled 141 experimental trees, destroying years of research into a cure for the troublesome Mundulla Yellows disease.’
    • ‘The university has begun a Supreme Court action against them for ruining a research plot established to find a cure for the fatal Mundulla Yellows disease.’
    • ‘Mundulla Yellows is a mysterious disease that is fatal to eucalypts and other native plants and which has spread from the state's upper southeast to all Australian states since the 1970s.’
    • ‘One researcher has said Mundulla Yellows places the Australian flora under threat.’


1990s from Mundulla, the South Australian district where it was first noticed.