Meaning of mungaree in English:


Pronunciation /mʌnˈdʒɑːri/


mass nounmainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • Food; a meal.

    ‘must be nearly time for mungaree’
    • ‘He shook him off, like a horse shaking off a fly, said "mungaree" and proceeded toward the restaurant.’
    • ‘I filled in the morning trying to finish the sketch and nearly got through, but mungaree-time and frozen fingers hauled me up.’
    • ‘Must be nearly time for mungaree.’
    • ‘It was as welcome to me as the sight of the stores was to the rest of the squadron when I arrived back at the head of a team of pack-mules with the much-coveted mungaree.’
    • ‘Eggs are cooked by the thousand as mungaree for soldiers.’
    • ‘The old waggon pulled up near an olive grove, and we ate our mungaree among ancient, grey-leaved trees.’
    • ‘We get plenty of mungaree but I know that the Civil population are very hard pressed’


Mid 19th century corruption of Italian mangiare ‘to eat’.