Meaning of municipal bond in English:

municipal bond


  • (chiefly in the US) a security issued by or on behalf of a local authority.

    ‘To obtain a fair price on U.S. Treasuries and municipal bonds, buy new issues as well.’
    • ‘He suggests municipal bonds, issued by state and local governments, as the next safest purchase.’
    • ‘That investor, however, can avoid state and federal income taxes by investing in a fund that only owns municipal bonds issued in Ohio.’
    • ‘During the boom, a record $150 billion in high-yield municipal bonds financed a building spree - aquariums, stadiums, toll roads, amusement parks, and housing projects.’
    • ‘Hedge funds, investment partnerships for institutions and wealthy individuals, expect to profit from buying municipal bonds while simultaneously selling borrowed securities such as Treasury bonds, the paper said.’
    • ‘The first involves seeking out Treasuries and municipal bonds with maturities that offer the best relative values.’
    • ‘About 70% of that goes to fixed-income investments, such as mortgage-backed securities, Treasury notes, and municipal bonds.’
    • ‘He appreciates the quiet stability of municipal bonds, the promise of growth in a choice equity position.’
    • ‘The U.S. government does the same thing with treasury bonds and local government sell what are called municipal bonds.’
    • ‘Through a consortium of banks, the city decides to issue and sell a sufficient amount of municipal bonds to finance the project.’
    • ‘Among high quality bonds, mortgage-backed securities, investment-grade corporates, and municipal bonds are the best bets.’
    • ‘There are municipal bonds, which are issued by state and local governments, school districts, ports, public utilities, and other local governmental authorities.’
    • ‘California taxpayers just gave the OK to issue $15 billion in municipal bonds to ease the state's fiscal crisis.’
    • ‘Almost all cities issue municipal bonds to pay for construction projects, fill pension gaps and pay off older bonds.’
    • ‘This could be the time to carefully look at the possibilities that municipal bonds can offer in providing the financial base and revitalising operations for such local authorities.’
    • ‘The council meeting also took note of a progress report on the proposed second issue of municipal bonds - which, the report said, is on track to happen at the end of June.’
    • ‘Both Treasury and municipal bonds are generally considered to be relatively safe investments due to their low risk of default.’
    • ‘The City of Johannesburg was very proud to be able to issue two municipal bonds this year.’
    • ‘The City has started upgrading the infrastructure, using some of the proceeds from the municipal bond issue, but it will take some years before this is completed.’
    • ‘Investors would only be interested in promoting a municipal bond if the conditions and the operational framework for municipalities are substantial.’