Meaning of murder one in English:

murder one


informal North American
  • First-degree murder.

    • ‘But the jury must come back - in order for it to get to that phase, the jury must come back with a guilty verdict on felony murder or murder one.’
    • ‘They took him to the hospital were they were arrested on site for murder one and armed robbery.’
    • ‘Second degree murder is an intentional, not quite murder one with malice and all that stuff, but it is an act that is deliberate.’
    • ‘But it - as all murders, as I understand it, are consider murder two, unless they're upgraded to murder one.’
    • ‘So there's not a murder two or something that we could have switched to.’
    • ‘So that would qualify as murder one, if that's a scenario.’
    • ‘The Crown attorney's reasoning for only charging him with manslaughter was that the he's still a young boy, and the judge wouldn't give him murder one.’