Meaning of Murray Valley encephalitis in English:

Murray Valley encephalitis


mass noun
  • A severe form of encephalitis occurring primarily in Australia.

    ‘mosquitoes are important agents in transmitting Murray Valley encephalitis’
    • ‘Australia already had an 'X disease', now known as Murray valley encephalitis.’
    • ‘You've probably heard of Murray Valley encephalitis, part of the same family as the West Nile virus.’
    • ‘Over 7,000 of the mosquitoes were this species, and therefore potentially carriers of the deadly Murray Valley encephalitis and of Ross River Fever.’
    • ‘An American woman was diagnosed with Murray Valley Encephalitis last summer.’
    • ‘The causative virus was then isolated and the disease named Murray Valley Encephalitis.’
    • ‘Crops were destroyed, and outbreaks of disease, such as Murray Valley encephalitis, took their toll.’
    • ‘Some regions are at risk of more serious pathogens such as dengue and Murray Valley encephalitis viruses.’
    • ‘The professor said Ross River fever, Barmah Forest virus, and Murray Valley encephalitis were the most dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.’
    • ‘The Health Department warning comes after the Murray Valley Encephalitis virus was detected in chicken flocks in the Riverina region of NSW, near Victoria's northern border.’
    • ‘The symptoms of Murray Valley encephalitis virus include severe headache, high fever, drowsiness, neck stiffness, tremor, and seizures.’


1950s from the Murray River, with which the disease is associated in southern Australia after periods of heavy rainfall.