Meaning of musambi in English:


Pronunciation /mʊˈsambi/


  • An orange of a variety with green skin and yellow flesh.

    ‘Some other imported fruit often available in the city are oranges from Germany, grapes from Iran, musambi from Switzerland and kiwi fruit from New Zealand.’
    • ‘We had 2 rounds of musambi juice and Sowmya promised Nrutya a lifetime supply of icecreams - for what I don't remember.’
    • ‘Therefore, fruit juice rich in Vit C such as orange, musambi or tomato is usually the first thing to be started for the baby.’
    • ‘But yesterday, I had the usual chicken-roll and two musambis, I still wanted more.’
    • ‘My teacher made a wild grab for the wheel and wrenched it to the right before I could bang into a vending cart piled with musambis.’


Alteration of Mozambique.