Meaning of mushroom cloud in English:

mushroom cloud


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  • A mushroom-shaped cloud of dust and debris formed after a nuclear explosion.

    ‘This is accompanied by a picture of what is, undeniably, the mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion.’
    • ‘If you have ever seen video footage of a nuclear explosion and the resulting mushroom cloud, chances are that footage came from one of these aboveground tests.’
    • ‘Why does an atomic explosion create a mushroom cloud?’
    • ‘The British government now faces another legal action from the widow of a pilot who flew through the mushroom cloud from a nuclear test in 1958.’
    • ‘We expected it to be the nuclear mushroom cloud - the shape that has haunted our imaginations since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.’
    • ‘‘It was black smoke, just like a mushroom cloud after a nuclear bomb,’ said the man.’
    • ‘To his horror, he saw the mushroom cloud of a tremendous explosion about fifty miles away.’
    • ‘The explosion blasted the vessel into fragments, split the bed of the harbour and sent a mushroom cloud of smoke and debris surging three miles into the sky.’
    • ‘The chilling reminder of the mushroom cloud, the darkest cloud the world has seen, hangs over us all as we try to stop this horror.’
    • ‘Then there is the flash of brilliant light on the horizon, followed impossibly quickly by a blast of intense heat and the billowing of a mushroom cloud.’
    • ‘He wouldn't have words like mushroom cloud, atomic bomb, or nuclear holocaust.’
    • ‘Many of them have to compose themselves regularly to overcome grief at what the atomic bomb did and the mushroom cloud it left.’
    • ‘A huge mushroom cloud rose into the air and debris scattered around them.’
    • ‘There was a giant explosion, a flash of blinding light, and the whole nighttime desert seemed to billow up into a boiling mushroom cloud.’
    • ‘He was challenging the nuclear claim made by the vice president, which was central to the argument, the case for war, the smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud.’
    • ‘The nine-hour eruption blew over or killed nearly 230 square miles of forest and sent a mushroom cloud of ash thousands of feet into the sky.’
    • ‘The cold war with communism consumed us, along with a hot war in Southeast Asia and riots over the racial divide. We lived in the shadow of a mushroom cloud.’
    • ‘Little within a radius of 2km survived the blast and subsequent fires, which produced a mushroom cloud that rose to a height of 13 km.’
    • ‘In the descriptions of the atomic blast, Hersey makes no mention of the fireball and mentions the mushroom cloud only once.’
    • ‘She invoked the image of a mushroom cloud over the United States.’