Meaning of music stool in English:

music stool


  • A stool for a pianist, typically adjustable in height and sometimes having a hinged top covering a storage space for musical scores.

    • ‘We also try to maintain a stock of second-hand music stools that complement the older style of instrument.’
    • ‘They manufacture a wide range of music stools, all of which are made in their factory in Bodiam, East Sussex.’
    • ‘For a touch of comfort, this instrument has a full length music rest and a spectacular deluxe music stool.’
    • ‘Current piano music I am playing are on top of the piano, Christmas music in the only one of my three music stools which has storage.’
    • ‘He would survey the piano with the delight of a child presented with an expensive new toy, and then followed a good deal of by-play with the music stool, whose height and distance from the piano had to be most minutely adjusted; next the keyboard had to be carefully dusted with a silk handkerchief, and after all this had been completed to his satisfaction he might begin to play.’
    • ‘That's why we rummage through boxes of music at book fairs, wade through grandmothers’ music stools, haunt secondhand shops, scour old businesses, track down collectors, or locate musicians or music organisations who have old music stashed away in cupboards or sheds.’
    • ‘It feels more like a coffee house inside a record store than truly integrating the two experiences but the demand is certainly there - there is often a queue of people waiting to sit at one of the music stools.’