Meaning of musical theatre in English:

musical theatre


mass noun
  • A genre of drama in which singing and dancing play an essential part.

    ‘a successful professional career in musical theatre’
    • ‘The stage was set for something more resembling musical theatre than a simple concert.’
    • ‘If she chooses, Martine will have a good career ahead of her in musical theatre.’
    • ‘Her devotion to musical theatre, coupled with years of formal training, led her to London's West End, where she had a role in 42nd Street at a young age.’
    • ‘She has also gravitated towards musical theatre and has recently been touring the country.’
    • ‘In his first venture into musical theatre last year he not only spoke, sang and danced as Junior Dolan in the American musical On Your Toes, but choreographed the whole production as well, winning a brace of National Dance Awards for his trouble.’
    • ‘She also remained active in musical theatre, choreographing for dance groups, television shows, and high school, civic, and church productions.’
    • ‘His work belongs to the mainstream history of American musical theatre, and it naturally suggests its great allied tradition of dance.’
    • ‘She was in musical theatre from an early age and did have singing lessons at one stage to help her progress, but she's quick to stress that she never had any intentions of becoming a singer.’
    • ‘His knowledge of musical theatre, in particular, was encyclopaedic.’
    • ‘It is also one of the country's foremost musical theatre and drama producers, behind some of the most successful and innovative productions in Britain and internationally.’