Meaning of musk duck in English:

musk duck


  • An Australian stiff-tailed duck with dark grey plumage and a musky smell, the male having a large black lobe of skin hanging below the bill.

    Biziura lobata, family Anatidae

    • ‘We headed back to our camp at Eyre Creek for lunch - near the area where we had seen the musk ducks.’
    • ‘There are also musk ducks on the lake which carry on in the funniest way.’
    • ‘Species not to be hunted include blue-winged shovellers, hardhead duck, musk duck, freckled duck, pink-eared duck, blued-billed duck and plumed tree duck.’
    • ‘The occurrence of musk ducks as fossils in New Zealand is reviewed and updated.’
    • ‘Diving ducks (especially musk ducks) and even swimming tortoises can be mistaken for platypus momentarily, but are usually readily distinguished upon longer observation.’