Meaning of musketeer in English:



  • 1A soldier armed with a musket.

    • ‘Effective as these weapons were, infantrymen still needed forked stands as props for aiming and firing; and since they were slow to load, pikemen had to be included in battalions to protect musketeers from enemy cavalry charges.’
    • ‘They equipped their troops as sailors, artillerists, musketeers as specified by the Crown.’
    • ‘Eliminating the match speeded up fire-drill significantly, but it also allowed the musketeers to be packed far more closely in their units.’
    • ‘Pikemen stood on guard with their 16 feet long weapons and musketeers cleaned their matchlock muskets ready for the later mock battles.’
    • ‘The re-enactments by members of the English Civil War Society will feature musketeers, pikemen and cavalry, with the occasional cannon shot.’
  • 2A member of the household troops of the French king in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    • ‘‘Indeed my Lady, it was taken from a French musketeer just minutes after I had killed him,’ he swung it in the air several times, watching with a boyish smile as the nuns cringed.’
    • ‘The series follows the life of the musketeers as they train at the musketeer's academy in order to protect France's Sun King, who became monarch at the age of five.’
    • ‘Apparently, King Louis XIII's loyal musketeers have been disgraced and now hide out among the townspeople.’
    • ‘They all protect the young king, who lives vicariously through the musketeers ' exploits.’
    • ‘In that famous clash in Flanders in 1745, aristocratic officers from both the British and French armies strolled between the lines of musketeers, chivalrously inviting the other side to fire first.’