Meaning of muslin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌzlɪn/

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mass noun
  • 1Lightweight cotton cloth in a plain weave.

    ‘she folded the dress in layers of clean muslin’
    • ‘strain the fruit pulp through a muslin cloth’
    • ‘Warm up the stock over a gentle heat, so it liquifies completely, then strain it carefully through muslin or a cotton cloth.’
    • ‘Cover, steep for two hours, then strain through muslin cloth into a suitable watering can or plastic pump-spray bottle.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, this area was famous for muslin cloth, which attracted the Dutch, who made it their colony in 1647.’
    • ‘Strain through muslin cloth, squeezing all liquid from the herbs and blend two parts of the herbal liquid to one part of white vinegar.’
    • ‘Simply make a bag from a piece of muslin cloth, twenty-five centimetres square, and attach a draw string to close it.’
    • ‘Strain through muslin cloth, store in a pump-spray bottle, and use within 7 days.’
    • ‘Once this was removed, cold muslin cloths were used to close the pores.’
    • ‘The majority of the collection is in light basic cottons with translucent muslin layers and the occasional use of leather and wool suiting.’
    • ‘She took off the offending dark green velvet dress and changed me into my beautiful white muslin dress with its pale blue sash.’
    • ‘Strain the yolk through a muslin cloth into a clean dry bowl.’
    • ‘Strain the oil through clean muslin or cheesecloth and allow it to cool until it is just warm.’
    • ‘The most coveted are made of silk and organza - and some muslin saris are woven so finely they can be folded down to fit inside a matchbox.’
    • ‘Using muslin, voile, paper and many other delicate fabrics, learn how to mould and shape the material into individual vases and bowls.’
    • ‘The girls took down the curtains and dressed the window with black lace and white muslin, ripped and torn to make it cover a wider area.’
    • ‘Although early masks were made of muslin or linen, they only redirected exhaled air away from the surgical wound.’
    • ‘Cover with a damp muslin cloth and keep aside for an hour.’
    • ‘After 15 minutes remove with a hot muslin cloth, then moisturise, and your skin will glow with health.’
    • ‘Decant the clear juice without disturbing the sediment and strain it through a muslin cloth.’
    • ‘One is white muslin from the 1920s and the other red satin from the 1970s, and they terrify me.’
    • ‘The head is covered with a circular piece of muslin fabric traced from a pattern.’
    1. 1.1British count noun A hemmed square of lightweight cotton cloth used to wipe up regurgitated milk when feeding or winding a baby.
      ‘I'm surrounded by piles of nappies and muslins’
      • ‘The box contains items such as baby grows and muslins.’
      • ‘Be prepared to have lots of muslins around you.’
      • ‘You'll find plenty of room to change your baby's nappy and store wipes, muslins, and other changing essentials.’
      • ‘I keep my muslins in that drawer.’
      • ‘You may have earned more than him before you went on maternity leave, but now you are washing muslins and sterilising bottles.’
      • ‘My hubby is sceptical about my insistence that we need the two dozen muslins I've bought.’
      • ‘I have no idea how many muslins I have, because I have so many!’
      • ‘When we wind him we put the muslin on our shoulder.’
      • ‘I met with a lady at a coffee morning a few months back and she had an extra large muslin with red stars on.’
      • ‘My 9 month old has taken to holding a muslin as he goes to sleep.’


Early 17th century from French mousseline, from Italian mussolina, from Mussolo ‘Mosul’ (see Mosul, where it was first manufactured).