Meaning of must-have in English:


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  • Essential or highly desirable.

    ‘the must-have blouse of the season’
    • ‘And tonight, we've got the inside scoop on what must-have technology is out there for your cell phone.’
    • ‘It's a convenient, must-have tool for every little problem in life.’
    • ‘With a bit of encouragement, you can teach children to set aside a portion of pocket money for must-have items.’
    • ‘Mini-motorbikes and motorised skateboards have become this summer's must-have accessory.’
    • ‘Preloved denim skirts are sure to be on top of every female's must-have list.’
    • ‘Yet, as with their adult equivalents, today's must-have item quickly becomes obsolete.’
    • ‘Hot on the popcorn makers heels are a number of other must-have products.’
    • ‘Very often these must-have toys are played with for a week or two and then forgotten.’
    • ‘The special brushes are a wonderful almost must-have luxury.’
    • ‘The only noise was the incessant ramblings of radio commercials about television holiday specials and must-have gifts.’
    • ‘Budget notwithstanding, a high-end kitchen was the clients' must-have item.’
    • ‘Others are rolling out must-have offerings that carry higher markups.’
    • ‘Baseball cap fans are pushing them as 2004's hot must-have item by celebrating their fiftieth anniversary.’
    • ‘A pair of velvet accented pumps is the perfect way to wear this must-have fabric.’
    • ‘For now at least, art schools are up there with concert halls and museums as must-have projects for architects.’
    • ‘The summer sales are in full swing with final discounts aplenty on must-have items.’
    • ‘Save time and money with our quintessential grocery-shopping list of must-have foods.’
    • ‘Apparently, this is a must-have skill for all married women.’
    • ‘Today, the must-have look is mid-century modern.’
    • ‘A good dinner here for two can cost under $40 before wine, tax and tip, and that even includes one of the must-have desserts.’


  • An essential or highly desirable item.

    ‘this classic volume is a must-have for any collector’
    • ‘We consulted beauty experts and female athletes and got them essential must-haves and must-dos.’
    • ‘Now, I know where to go for all my fave beauty must-haves.’
    • ‘Furniture should be seen as an investment, and like a cashmere coat that cost you more than a few paypackets, should be a classic style to which you can add this season's must-haves.’
    • ‘Hang on a minute, if my arithmetic serves me right, that's nine must-haves already and the season has only just begun.’
    • ‘Forget the paper and pens; here are eight fashion must-haves every male student should own for class.’
    • ‘Well, that's it for this year's spring list, but I'm already seeking items to add to next season's list of must-haves.’
    • ‘Go ahead, don't be afraid to buy more jean wear; it's one of the must-haves for the season.’
    • ‘The limited number of available pieces has made his work, which is only available through private placement, collector must-haves.’
    • ‘Nannies used to be must-haves, but not anymore.’
    • ‘Without further ado, here's my list of back-to-school must-haves for your purse, locker, backpack, and/or car.’
    • ‘Tonight, what are the must-haves for celebrity moms?’
    • ‘Your own flat, your own car, your own space and your own ‘personal’ computer are the sacred must-haves of today.’
    • ‘It's the must-haves for those who have everything, like me.’
    • ‘These seem relatively inexpensive must-haves to me.’
    • ‘Riding boots inspired by the traditional English countryside are must-haves for those who like a bit of equestrian chic.’
    • ‘The trick for internet retailers is to get you to believe that some of the products in your cart truly are must-haves.’
    • ‘As college students pack and head for campus, many will be sporting the latest high tech must-haves.’
    • ‘Toys that were must-haves for children back in the 1980s are set to enchant a new generation this Christmas.’
    • ‘Here's a shopping list of must-haves to keep you looking good for the beach.’
    • ‘A clothesline in the backyard is a reminder of how electric dryers were once considered luxuries, not household must-haves.’