Meaning of mustard plaster in English:

mustard plaster


  • A poultice made with mustard.

    ‘After a futile search for patients, she found two furry caterpillars that she ‘wrapped up in the mustard plaster, around which she tied a blade of grass to keep it in place.’’
    • ‘Back 100 years ago, the traditional treatment for this was to cover the area with a mustard plaster.’
    • ‘Professional physicians often prescribe folk therapies such as herbal teas or tinctures and mustard plasters.’
    • ‘Hot tea with honey or lemon, vodka, chamomile, and mustard plasters on the back are considered a sure cure for the common cold or the flu and cost far less than products available in pharmacies.’
    • ‘He says he has to hurry since he needs some mustard plasters for all the broken ribs his enemies have given him last night.’