Meaning of mutchkin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌtʃkɪn/


  • A Scottish unit of capacity equal to a quarter of the old Scottish pint, or roughly three quarters of an imperial pint (0.43 litres)

    ‘they shared the half-mutchkin of raw whisky’
    • ‘He was a decorated war hero, but that didn't matter - he was still fined a half mutchkin of punch.’
    • ‘Two half mutchkins of raw whisky were then called for and drunk between them.’
    • ‘However he admitted him, and Worthington sent his son to buy a mutchkin of whisky costing two shillings, sending him first with a pound note and then, when no change was to be had, with silver.’
    • ‘Three sizes are known, all in Scots measure - quart, pint and mutchkin.’
    • ‘Until the late 18th century, Scots liquid measures had colourful names like ` mutchkin’ and ` chopin’ (2 mutchkins).’


Late Middle English from early modern Dutch mudsekin, diminutive of mud ‘hectolitre’.