Meaning of mwahahaha in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmwɑːhɑːhɑːhɑː/


(also muahahaha)
  • Used to represent laughter, especially triumphal or cackling laughter such as that uttered by a villainous character in a cartoon or comic strip.

    • ‘World domination, at last, is at hand. Mwahahaha!’
    • ‘You'll have to wait and see how everything works out, mwahahaha.’
    • ‘May you all grow older with grace, and mwahahaha I'm younger than you!’
    • ‘For brunch, I'll prolly just pay ... or pretend to have paid if Phil asks ... mwahahaha!’
    • ‘I won't give away who he is … mwahahaha.’
    • ‘But one day, I will log in again … mwahahaha.’
    • ‘These characters are mine, mwahahaha!’
    • ‘Since none of the above are going to happen, it therefore falls to one of the four of us to lead the Tories on to (cough, splutter) victory (mwahahaha - collapses under desk in mirth).’
    • ‘I can plan for world domination while I sleep muahahaha!’
    • ‘I now have your phone numbers, muahahaha!’
    • ‘My power base is slowly growing … muahahaha!’
    • ‘I think this is the last interview, which means I qualify for the job unless I turn completely psycho or something between now and tomorrow ... muahahaha!’
    • ‘This is because I decided that I am clearly such a genius that I do not need external help from silly Mensa professors (which after I pass the test I will regard as EQUALS, bahahaha).’
    • ‘I just noticed a Friday 13th precedes 14th February ... mwahahaha.’
    • ‘First part of my evil plan worked. Mwahahaha.’
    • ‘I'm up way past my bedtime, and my parents can't do anything cuz they're sleeping MWAHAHAHA.’
    • ‘I just noticed April Fools Day is coming up. Muahahaha.’
    • ‘I have upgraded my hosting account so now we have 3 GB of storage and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth to play with. Mwahahahaa!’
    • ‘Feel free to think what you want - mwahahaha.’
    • ‘This is an extremely long chapter, but I'm going to end with a cliffhanger as I always do - mwahahaha!’
    • ‘Hehe, yes it's all a big conspiracy to stop you from reading the chapter! Bahahaha.’


1980s imitative, on the pattern of ha ha.