Main meanings of Mx in English

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  • A title used before a surname or full name to refer to a person of unspecified or non-binary gender.

    ‘the bank is planning to introduce the honorific ‘Mx’ as an alternative for anyone who feels that they don’t fit into being either a Mr, Mrs, Miss or a Ms’
    • ‘A council is to include the title 'Mx' on its official forms to be more accommodating to the trans-community.’
    • ‘Brighton & Hove council adopted the trans-friendly Mx title in 2013, after an inclusivity panel made the recommendation.’
    • ‘Campaigners say that 'Mx', short for 'Mixter', is a gender neutral alternative to Mr, Mrs, Ms and Miss.’
    • ‘The review might also see the introduction of the ' Mx ' title, as an optional alternative to Mr and Mrs for customers who don't want to be forced to choose a gender.’
    • ‘The term Mx is widely accepted by government and other organisations throughout the UK, so it's right that we update the Society's registration processes to make sure that this option is available.’
    • ‘Calling us Mx rather than Mr or Ms was the bank's response.’
    • ‘Recognition of the gender neutral title Mx is in response to a request from the Scottish society's membership.’
    • ‘Recent moves in Brighton, for instance, to allow the use of Mx as a title, have detractors as well as supporters within the trans community’



/məks/ /mɪks/


1970s apparently from M (as in Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.) + X (probably denoting an unknown or variable factor or quantity).

Main meanings of Mx in English

: Mx1Mx2



  • 1Maxwell(s).

  • 2Middlesex.