Main meanings of my in English

: my1MY2


Pronunciation /mʌɪ/

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possessive determiner

  • 1Belonging to or associated with the speaker.

    ‘my name is John’
    • ‘my friend’
    1. 1.1 informal Used with a name to refer to a member of the speaker's family.
      • ‘my Johnny, see, he was smart’
    2. 1.2Used with forms of address in affectionate, sympathetic, humorous, or patronizing contexts.
      ‘my dear boy’
      • ‘my poor baby’
  • 2Used in various expressions of surprise.

    ‘my goodness!’
    • ‘oh my!’


Middle English mi (originally before words beginning with any consonant except h-), reduced from min, from Old English mīn (see mine).

Main meanings of MY in English

: my1MY2


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  • Motor yacht.

    • ‘MY Fleury’