Meaning of myosin in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A fibrous protein which forms (together with actin) the contractile filaments of muscle cells and is also involved in motion in other types of cell.

    • ‘Muscle is composed of mainly three types of protein filaments: myosin, actin, and titin.’
    • ‘In a contracting muscle myosin and actin filaments slide past each other as the muscle fiber shortens.’
    • ‘Muscle contraction is dependent on two proteins, actin and myosin.’
    • ‘Rotational motions associated with muscle contraction may occur in myosin, actin, or in both.’
    • ‘Thick myofilaments are composed of several hundred molecules of a fibrous protein known as myosin.’
    • ‘The test correlates the presence of a telltale protein - myosin - to muscle growth.’