Meaning of myristate in English:



  • A salt or ester of myristic acid.

    ‘Cells were incubated in the presence of phorbol ester myristate to induce macrophage differentiation.’
    • ‘A molecule of chloesteryl myristate consists of mostly carbon and hydrogen atoms.’
    • ‘The main substrates are myristate and palmitate, which are produced by a fatty acid synthetase.’
    • ‘It is anchored to the membrane by an N-terminal myristate and a cluster of basic residues in its effector domain.’
    • ‘It involves the covalent attachment of myristate, a 14 carbon saturated fatty acid, to the N-terminal glycine residue of a number of mammalian, viral and fungal proteins.’



/mʌɪˈrɪsteɪt/ /mɪˈrɪsteɪt/