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  • 1first person singularreflexive Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition when he or she is the subject of the clause.

    ‘I hurt myself by accident’
    • ‘I strolled around, muttering to myself’
    • ‘And yet part of me worries that to see myself as the subject of my own life story is in some way selfish.’
    • ‘So when I was younger I bought some books on wine and educated myself on the subject.’
    • ‘If I fall and hurt myself on an iced pavement I will sue this Council till their eyes water.’
    • ‘For me, it was more about an internal battle and my need to hurt myself to show that there was a problem.’
    • ‘Even worse, today my doctor asked if I ever thought about hurting myself or others.’
    • ‘I got through it all without hurting myself and that was the most important thing.’
    • ‘The worse part was facing up to what I had done to myself and the hurt I had caused my family.’
    • ‘I wouldn't refer to myself as a snooker fan as such, but the game does fascinate me.’
    • ‘I must tell myself that these sorts of accidents should not be met with anger by parents.’
    • ‘In true teenage form I used to shut myself in my bedroom with it belting out the speakers.’
    • ‘I sometimes learn my lines on public transport muttering them out loud to myself.’
    • ‘I owe it to myself to go out on a limb and do something that reflects a little bit of character.’
    • ‘I keep saying to myself that the most exciting thing in my life is success, and to stop being so afraid of it.’
    • ‘I held my hands up to defend myself but I got a couple of boxes to the back of the head.’
    • ‘I'm trying to keep myself busy, but every now and then I just break down in floods of tears.’
    • ‘At least that's what my friend Dave said, when I went to pour myself a second glass.’
    • ‘I found myself sitting at home all day when I could have been at school getting an education.’
    • ‘The good thing about the delay, however, is that it gives me chance to go out and buy myself a new swimsuit.’
    • ‘I would never forgive myself if I walked away, leaving somebody else to try to sort it out.’
    • ‘Sometimes I like to rewards myself with presents, to let me know how much I mean to me.’
  • 2first person singularemphatic I or me personally (used to emphasize the speaker)

    ‘I myself am unsure how this problem should be handled’
    • ‘I wrote it myself’
    • ‘The main objection to prostitution by most people, myself included, is a moral one.’
    • ‘I would write myself but apparently, it's very frowned upon to ask on your own behalf.’
    • ‘It was tempting to write this review myself in what is supposed to pass for Scots.’
    • ‘Most young people, myself included, do not commit crime or partake in acts of violence.’
    • ‘I have seen hunting and have friends who have hunted, but I am not a hunting person myself.’
    • ‘It is the best chance for ordinary people like myself to catch a salmon at a sensible price.’
    • ‘The time has come to stop digging other people holes and dig some for myself.’
    • ‘I'll be on the march myself, along with a sizeable number of people from my church.’
    • ‘I myself forgot about these issues and most people are too polite to mention them.’
    • ‘It's always nice to know that there are people out there who are even more pedantic than myself.’
    • ‘The trouble is that I am always on the go, so the person who makes me go more than anybody else is myself.’
    • ‘For myself I have also met up with people and been bemused about my lack of conversation.’
    • ‘I had to ring one of the insurers myself to check the detail before writing this column.’
    • ‘All she wants is to be hit on, when I myself am utterly annoyed with people hitting on me.’
    • ‘I'm more interested to read what other people have to say and make the decision myself.’
    • ‘I myself am the subject of the portrait that Sanjay commissioned about five years ago.’
    • ‘When it came to the speakers I myself spoke first then Mrs Hill and finally the applicant.’
    • ‘I pushed him aside and tried it myself but all I did was hurt the side of my body.’
    • ‘Novices like myself can only watch and admire from the shore as the big sails and short boards hit the water.’
    • ‘I myself have a highly combative relationship with the dumb brute stuff of the universe.’
  • 3 literary first person singular Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself; I.

    • ‘myself presented to him a bronze sword’



/mʌɪˈsɛlf/ /mɪˈsɛlf/


Old English me self, from me+ self (used adjectivally); the change of me to my occurred in Middle English.