Meaning of mystery envelope in English:

mystery envelope


New Zealand
  • One of a number of envelopes containing prizes of varying value, sold for fundraising purposes.

    ‘people open their chequebooks at gala days for raffles and mystery envelopes’
    • ‘We had to do things to raise money for our salaries - like running a mystery envelope thing.’
    • ‘We are also going to have to ban mystery envelopes, batons up, and a host of other fund-raising activities.’
    • ‘The family raised over £4,500 in a "mystery envelope" campaign.’
    • ‘We are looking for “mystery envelope” donations.’
    • ‘We'll have scrumptious food and drinks available for purchase as well as some amazing mystery envelope prizes.’
    • ‘They are chasing discretionary dollars with interminable rounds of raffles, mystery envelopes, sponsored walks, and the like.’
    • ‘Direct giving, raffles, mystery envelopes, and many other fund raising efforts produced the balance so that the hall could be opened debt free.’
    • ‘It has decided to remit the tax paid by the organisers of mystery envelopes.’
    • ‘During the centrifuge appeal the Society made use of professional fund raisers who held a 'Mystery Envelope' appeal.’
    • ‘The mystery envelope type of lottery continued to be less attractive to fund raisers.’