Meaning of mythopoeia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɪθə(ʊ)ˈpiːə/


mass noun
  • The making of a myth or myths.

    ‘For, as noted above, Tasso's is the first vernacular poem to mold Musaeus in the Ovidian heroic manner: apostrophe, ethopoeia and digressive mythopoeia abound.’
    • ‘A long phase of reverence for rationality subverted his original, spiritually frenetic passion for tragic mythopoeia.’
    • ‘He is the only one who relates mythopoeia to the dynamism of human imagination.’
    • ‘Do not think of Pressfield's Amazons as being designed to pamper reader's egos or expectations, think of them as what they are in his mythopoeia; an ancient and vicious band of sisters.’
    • ‘I became too immersed in Pressfield's mythopoeia to give a damn about any of that.’
    • ‘In the next four chapters, he attempts to uncover the mythopoeia.’


Mid 19th century from Greek muthopoiia, from muthos ‘myth’ + poiein ‘make’.