Main meanings of n in English

: n1N2N3


Pronunciation /ɛn/

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  • 1in combination (in units of measurement) nano- (10⁻⁹)

    • ‘500 ng’
  • 2Grammar
    in combination Neuter.

  • 3

    (also n-)
    in combinationin combination Normal (denoting straight-chain hydrocarbons)

    • ‘n-hexane’
  • 4in combination Note (used in a book's index to refer to a footnote)

    • ‘450n’
  • 5Grammar
    in combination Noun.

  • An unspecified or variable number.

    See also nth

    • ‘at the limit where n equals infinity’

Main meanings of N in English

: n1N2N3


Pronunciation /ɛn/

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nounplural noun Ns, plural noun N's

(also n)
  • 1The fourteenth letter of the alphabet.

    See also en

    1. 1.1Denoting the next after M in a set of items, categories, etc.

Main meanings of N in English

: n1N2N3


Pronunciation /ɛn/

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  • 1(used in recording moves in chess) knight.

    • ‘17.Na4?’


    Representing the pronunciation of kn-, since the initial letter k- represents ‘king’.

  • 2(on a gear lever) neutral.

  • 3(chiefly in place names) New.

    • ‘N Zealand’
  • 4Physics

  • 5Chemistry
    (with reference to solutions) normal.

    • ‘the pH was adjusted to 7.0 with 1 N HCl’
  • 6North or Northern.

    ‘78° N’
    • ‘N Ireland’
  • 7Norway (international vehicle registration).

  • 8Nuclear.

    • ‘the N bomb’

  • The chemical element nitrogen.