Meaning of naartjie in English:


nounplural noun naartjies

South African
  • A mandarin orange or tangerine.

    ‘All in all, however, citrus covers the largest tonnage if you include oranges, grapefruit, lemons and smaller varietals such as naartjies.’
    • ‘The practice of throwing naartjies at referees is not encouraged, however, and could get you thrown out of the ground.’
    • ‘On Sunday I tried to shake the flu with naartjies and black tea, but to no avail.’
    • ‘We also grow oranges and naartjies and rear ostrich.’
    • ‘I wait, having taken more fruit juices and a couple of naartjies out of the car boot.’



/ˈnɑːtʃi/ /ˈnɑːki/


Late 18th century from Afrikaans, from Tamil nārattai ‘citrus’.