Meaning of Nabawa in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnabəwɔː/


mass nounAustralian
  • A rust-resistant variety of wheat developed in the Nabawa area of Western Australia.

    ‘farmers who planted Nabawa are getting good yields’
    • ‘Nabawa wheat has undoubtedly been the most important variety produced in Australia since 1900.’
    • ‘About 47 per cent is sown to the variety Nabawa.’
    • ‘Many farmers are now growing Nabawa, which is highly resistant to this disease.’
    • ‘Nabawa enters into the parentage of the Bencubbin variety, which has replaced it in the drier districts.’
    • ‘The evolution of drought-resisting varieties like Nabawa has enabled wheatgrowing to be extended into districts with low rainfall.’
    • ‘Farmers stop to exclaim at the Nabawa and insist some magic has been worked on it.’
    • ‘The average root weight for Nabawa was significantly greater than for Federation.’
    • ‘Several leading Australian cultivars from this period, including Nabawa, were resistant.’
    • ‘Those varieties badly damaged by rust were largely replaced by Nabawa.’
    • ‘An Australian cultivar, Nabawa, was used in flag smut tests.’