Meaning of nacre in English:


Pronunciation /ˈneɪkə/

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mass noun
  • Mother-of-pearl.

    ‘The nacre, or mother of pearl, is the innermost layer, which is composed of thin, alternating, laminae (flakes or sheets) of calcium carbonate and an organic material.’
    • ‘The oyster coats the sand grain with a silvery shiny layer called nacre.’
    • ‘Now, researchers have designed a synthetic material that mimics both nacre's internal architecture and its strength.’
    • ‘Back down they go for several more years, during which time the oyster instinctively surrounds the injected foreign body with nacre, so building up a beautiful pearl.’
    • ‘They're an oyster's coping mechanism - they coat the irritant with smooth, shiny nacre.’


Late 16th century French, from late Latin nacchara, nacara, perhaps from Arabic.