Meaning of nah in English:


Pronunciation /nɑː/


  • non-standard spelling of no (exclamation), used in representing southern English (especially cockney) speech

    • ‘‘Want a lift?’ ‘Nah, that's okay.’’
    • ‘If I thought everyone would behave like fluffy bunnies, that we could all live in some excessively nice utopian society where respect and politeness ran rampant, then nah!’
    • ‘Rest assured, I'll probably mention it again, but tonight, nah!’
    • ‘Maybe I've sorted my procrastination streak… nah!’
    • ‘But actual stews… nah, I don't really like them that much.’
    • ‘I should go to sleep… nah… must email Kate back first… have to tell her that we didn't break up…’
    • ‘Nah, nah, mate it's never been in an accident, honest.’
    • ‘It had a wonderful scent, but… nah, just too strong for my tastes.’
    • ‘But nah, it was at my parent's house and they cooked most of it.’
    • ‘Maybe if it was on TV, and you were bored… nah, there'd be something better on another channel.’
    • ‘One of the guys has been trying to teach me, but nah, not really.’
    • ‘But nah, we'll just give the rich folks a tax break and put 11,000 people out of work.’
    • ‘They're the people you meet and you say, nah, this would never work, and you push them away.’
    • ‘What I find sort of weird is that… nah, I don't want to say.’
    • ‘Oh boy… I wonder if she knows… nah, it's impossible.’
    • ‘And what you saw today was people taking on that challenge and saying nah, it's not impossible, I'm gonna try.’
    • ‘Oh… that… nah… he's just helping a friend out, that guy got bashed big time and needs to keep his job to feed his family and I think Kev's just helping him out.’
    • ‘Hahahaha, to tell you the truth, I actually have nooo idea how I'm going to end this, so this story may just go on and on and on… nah, I'll think of an ending… hopefully!’
    • ‘Every time I've found something worth blogging over the last couple of weeks, I've invariably gone ‘ooh, that would be a good thing to… nah.’’
    • ‘Nope, the neckline's too low… nah, wrong color… plastic?’
    • ‘Secret codes, rules you have to follow… nah, just playing.’