Meaning of nail clippers in English:

nail clippers

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plural noun

(also nail clipper)
  • An instrument for trimming the fingernails and toenails.

    ‘airport security took my nail clippers away’
    • ‘Cut your toenails straight across, preferably with nail clippers, and don't be tempted to trim them down the sides, as this can lead to ingrowing toenails.’
    • ‘If you are unskilled with the nail clippers, then invest in a monthly manicure, and get them to apply the nail polish too.’
    • ‘I recommend only using a nail trimmer designed for cats, as regular nail clippers can crush the nail and cause the cat pain.’
    • ‘I had to move my nail clippers from my carry-on bag to my suitcase before boarding the plane.’
    • ‘Nail file and nail clippers are in one handy unit—the components slide into one another pocket-knife style.’
    • ‘Looking at those baby finger nail clippers, I sure am nervous about that task ahead!’
    • ‘It would be closer to the perfect Monday if I could find my nail clippers.’
    • ‘I could say that I wanted some new CDs and books and maybe a plant or two, and I'd still end up getting nail clippers and bubble bath.’
    • ‘For more than 10 years, airport security stood by its rule, no pocket knives on a plane, not even those tiny ones, not even nail clippers.’
    • ‘Most pet stores sell a special dog nail clipper.’