Meaning of nail enamel in English:

nail enamel


North American
  • Nail polish.

    ‘When I used our nail enamel and it chipped faster than I thought it should, I could go back and say, ‘We haven't got this formula right yet, let's get it right.’’
    • ‘Running the events on the weekends when mall traffic is heaviest, the cosmetics giant is spending two days in each location, offering manicures and giving away samples of its newest nail enamel.’
    • ‘She skillfully applied the second coat of the silver nail enamel on toes that were separated by white cotton balls.’
    • ‘Deep-coloured nail enamel is suitable for use with thin hands having big joints.’
    • ‘Coloured and clear nail enamel, or ‘polish’, became popular for women in the early twentieth century, and often replaced the literal polishing of nails with a buffer.’