Meaning of nail polish in English:

nail polish

Pronunciation /ˈneɪl ˌpɒlɪʃ/

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mass noun
  • Varnish applied to the fingernails or toenails to colour them or make them shiny.

    ‘When they threw off their veils, we saw the kohl, lipstick, rouge and nail polish that the women wore.’
    • ‘I was good at making little shapes on my finger nails when chipping nail polish.’
    • ‘Next came the first coloured nail polish - in a rose shade - with deeper hues to follow by 1930.’
    • ‘No wonder the teeny cosmetics market is cashing in, targeting their lip-gloss and nail polish at increasingly younger kids.’
    • ‘Truthfully, Mona only owned a tube of black mascara, a black eye pencil and black nail polish.’
    • ‘He was always dressed in black, dog collar, eyeliner and black nail polish, and never a smile on his face.’
    • ‘Her pale skin was highlighted with pale makeup and light pink nail polish.’
    • ‘Hairbrushes, hair clips, nail polish, and lip gloss are all fun and inexpensive ideas.’
    • ‘Color palates will be updated to display a wider array of colors for items like lipstick and nail polish.’
    • ‘He added that no matter what one's skin tone was white gold easily complemented any shade of lipstick or nail polish.’
    • ‘For women dark eyeliner and black nail polish can enhance this look.’
    • ‘I said sitting on her bed as she finished up putting the bright pink nail polish on her fingers.’
    • ‘She pictured herself with pink lipstick and violet nail polish and a little blush.’
    • ‘I lined my eyes in thick black kohl, wore black nail polish and baggy clothes.’
    • ‘Next comes my large collection of nail polish, but I put those in more carefully so they don't break.’
    • ‘I love how obsessed you are with truly girly pursuits like nail polish and self-portraits.’
    • ‘Slowly she reached over and plucked the bottle of nail polish from the desk.’
    • ‘It is also advisable to let the nails ‘breathe’ without any nail polish for a week.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, as she owned every color known to mankind, she had nail polish to match.’
    • ‘I had really cute nail polish on my toes, but that was about it.’