Meaning of nail punch in English:

nail punch


(also nail set)
  • A tool hit with a hammer to sink the head of a nail below a surface.

    ‘Once every thing is dry, use a nail set and counter sink these below the surface.’
    • ‘Use a nail set and hammer to drive all nails slightly below the surface.’
    • ‘To drill through the tile you will need a hammer, a nail set, an electric drill and a masonry bit a little larger than the diameter of the screws you use.’
    • ‘Use a hammer and nail set to drive them below the surface.’
    • ‘Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools - a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, a hammer, and a nail set.’
    • ‘Use a nail set and hammer, as shown, to drive nails flush so they won't interfere with the next board.’
    • ‘Use a hammer and nail set or an electric drill with countersink bit to join the frame pieces.’
    • ‘Use a hammer and nail set to drive the heads of all nails slightly below the surface.’
    • ‘Hold the nail set on the tip of the nails and tap them back into place with the hammer.’
    • ‘I contemplated making a hole with a nail punch, listening to the hissing and then filling it, but decided it was a fairly stupid plan.’