Meaning of nail scissors in English:

nail scissors


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plural noun

  • Small scissors for cutting the fingernails or toenails.

    ‘a pair of nail scissors’
    • ‘Those who fail to make the grade are subjected to punishments they have never experienced before such as cleaning the toilets with a toothbrush and cutting grass with nail scissors.’
    • ‘Gatwick and Heathrow reiterated passengers should not carry sharp objects, including nail scissors, razor blades and even knitting needles, amongst their hand luggage.’
    • ‘Any potential weapons, including nail scissors, letter openers and plastic knives, should not be placed in hand luggage, and passengers should allow extra time to check in.’
    • ‘My guess is that one can, with little difficulty, break eyeglasses to produce an edge that's pretty much as sharp as that on a pair of nail scissors.’
    • ‘That includes your favorite nail scissors, plus other scissors less than four inches long.’
    • ‘I still haven't got round to getting any shears, but no matter: tonight I shall venture out with a pair of nail scissors!’
    • ‘Bookshelves house only books, and not also moisturiser, mobile phone chargers, pens and nail scissors.’
    • ‘They weren't even proper circles, either, some oval, some flattened, and all looking as if they had been cut out with a small pair of curved nail scissors in a very great hurry.’
    • ‘Stephanie took a pair of small nail scissors from her handbag and slowly chopped the gold card into pieces then she ceremonially tossed the bits into a nearby rubbish bin.’
    • ‘Security on aircraft is tight enough - I can't get a pair of nail scissors on a flight, let alone a firearm.’
    • ‘He'd tried to grow it long once but it started to bug him so much he grabbed a pair of nail scissors and attempted to hack it off.’
    • ‘When the measures first came in, I lost a couple of pairs of nail scissors.’
    • ‘I started off with the loppers (basically scissors with really long handles) which had proved very effective with the big thistles but it was like cutting the lawn with nail scissors.’
    • ‘But what about the eyebrow tweezers and the nail scissors?’
    • ‘This week, I went into her room to find her in the middle of a pile of her clothes snipping at her hair with nail scissors.’
    • ‘A list of items, including nail scissors and other sharp objects, has also been issued which will be banned from hand luggage.’
    • ‘Ever since, billions of dollars and hours have been expended looking for nail scissors.’
    • ‘I had a suspicious feeling he cut it with nail scissors.’