Meaning of nail varnish remover in English:

nail varnish remover


  • A substance used to remove nail polish.

    ‘nail varnish removers that are not acetone-based are available’
    • ‘Leftovers from paint stripper and nail varnish remover production could soon be burnt at the cement works, sparking new concerns from environmental groups.’
    • ‘When my back was turned he used my mum's nail varnish remover on my doll's face and took her eyes off!’
    • ‘A false moustache I once tried looked like a dead mouse stuck to my lip, and could only be removed by liberal doses of nail-varnish remover.’
    • ‘If your nail varnish congeals try adding a few drops of nail varnish remover to thin it down.’
    • ‘I checked the small print on the package which told me to "soak my fingertips in either warm, soapy water or nail varnish remover for a couple of minutes".’
    • ‘Firefighters warned women to remember that nail-varnish remover is flammable.’
    • ‘When I was on an airplane, the young lady next to me whipped out nail varnish remover pads from her makeup case and began to take off her polish right there in public.’
    • ‘A lot of nail varnish removers contain diluted acetone so it doesn't react as fast.’
    • ‘The circuit cleaner smells like strong nail varnish remover or dry cleaning fluid.’
    • ‘I tried everything I could on the permanent marker: bleach, nail varnish remover, white spirit, and even stain removers, but it did not make any impression at all.’