Meaning of nailery in English:



See nailer

‘By the time the War of 1812 cut off the shipment of nailrod, the nailery had ceased to be a profitmaking operation.’
  • ‘The nailery was quite profitable in its early years, supplying nails throughout Albemarle and Augusta counties.’
  • ‘Renovations to the house slowed, supplies for the nailery were disrupted, and he had to arrange for the sale of his crops through intermediaries.’
  • ‘He inferred that the Storehouse must have been built after 1790 and, in addition to storage, served as a small nailery until around 1796, when it briefly served as a storehouse for nail rod.’
  • ‘To turn ‘pig iron’ to wrought iron, it was sent from the furnaces to large forges, slit mills, naileries and rolling mills for further processing.’