Meaning of nailtail wallaby in English:

nailtail wallaby

Pronunciation /ˈneɪlteɪl/


  • A brightly marked Australian wallaby with white stripes on the cheeks, hips, and behind the arms, and a small horny nail at the end of its long, slender tail.

    Genus Onychogalea, family Macropodidae: three species

    ‘As in several other genera of native mammals, the nailtail wallabies are represented by a southwestern, an eastern-south eastern, and a tropical northern species.’
    • ‘If conditions are suitable in the wild, bridled nailtail wallabies can raise up to three young per year and mate continuously throughout the year.’
    • ‘This last remaining wild population of bridled nailtail wallabies fell to fewer than 500 individuals in the mid-1990s during a protracted drought.’
    • ‘The rare bridled nailtail wallaby, once thought to be extinct, is making a resurgence in Queensland thanks to the efforts of private citizens, government and industry.’
    • ‘We found that bridled nailtail wallabies had one of the highest levels of heterozygosity and allelic diversity recorded for any marsupial.’