Meaning of naker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈneɪkə/


  • A kettledrum.

    ‘Many chronicles attest that the nakers were a standard part of the royal military establishment, but they were also evident in civilian and dance music ensembles.’
    • ‘An expert on his nakers might well be accomplished on other instruments, like the symphony, a forerunner of the hurdy-gurdy.’
    • ‘Ironically, the lute, shawm and nakers had all been recently imported to Europe from the Middle East.’
    • ‘The collection's four nakers have bowls formed by Dreeszen and laced by Hauser.’
    • ‘The origin of the words lute, rebec, guitar and naker from the Arabic Al-'ud, rabab, qithara and naqqara, is a well-known fact.’


Late Middle English from Old French nacaire, from Arabic naqqāra ‘drum’.