Significado de Namaqualand daisy en en inglés

Namaqualand daisy


  • A widely cultivated annual African daisy.

    Dimorphotheca sinuata, family Compositae

    ‘In the farmlands of Modderfontein between Nababeep and Springbok sporrie and Namaqualand daisies are blooming.’
    • ‘Further north you'll find the ubiquitous Namaqualand daisy, a hardy plant with large, brightly-coloured flowers.’
    • ‘Selected forms of Namaqualand daisies are available for cultivation in a variety of shades such as orange, cream, yellow and salmon.’
    • ‘The first rains are a kiss of life in this barren landscape and the Namaqualand daisies bloom into a spectacle of colour.’
    • ‘Cape violets are delightful on their own but if you want more colour you can sow Namaqualand daisies among the bulbs after they have been planted.’