Meaning of namaz in English:


Pronunciation /nəˈmɑːz/


mass noun
  • The ritual prayers prescribed by Islam to be observed five times a day.

    ‘leave is given to perform namaz during office hours’
    • ‘Prof. Elias of the Islamic College told the students about the significance of Islam, namaz and the ‘Unity of God’.’
    • ‘As Muslims, we perform the namaz, perform the Hajj, pay our Zakat, believe in Allah and his Messenger and keep our fasts.’
    • ‘According to local traditions, the great Sufi saint had offered namaz at this site.’
    • ‘I thank my mother for all the moral support that she offered to help me perform namaz at home.’
    • ‘I have offered namaz [prayers] in Babri Masjid between 1938 to 1949.’
    • ‘I read namaz five times a day and you get up in the morning and pray.’
    • ‘‘I offer my afternoon prayers in the lift and nobody has so far noticed me using it for namaz,’ he revealed.’
    • ‘We rush through our work, we rush through the traffic, we rush through our food and of course we rush through our namaz.’
    • ‘I try to do namaz five times, but it's not always possible.’
    • ‘I have been performing namaz for the last ten years, she says.’
    • ‘You can go to a mosque and offer namaz, you can keep the roza.’
    • ‘As I was clicking pictures, I saw two Muslims offering namaz in the compound.’
    • ‘The inauguration of the mosque coincided with Friday namaz in which I also participated.’
    • ‘They have also asked Muslims to offer special namaz for the recovery of the injured.’
    • ‘‘They offer namaz five times a day, we do it only thrice; our mosques are also different,’ he stressed.’
    • ‘They have different mosques, different texts of namaz, different body postures while offering namaz; and, different timings of namaz.’
    • ‘Dressed in flowing kurta and shalwar, the Sheikh offered namaz in his secretariat office.’
    • ‘The most striking structure was the Faizal mosque, the second biggest in the world which allows one lakh people to offer namaz.’
    • ‘At least one or two thousand people would sit inside here to read namaz, they've told me more than once.’


Partly from Ottoman Turkish namas (Turkish namaz), partly from Urdu namāz, and partly from Persian namāz.