Meaning of name after in English:

name after

phrasal verb

(also North American name for)
  • name someone or something after someone or somethingCall someone or something by the same name as another person or thing.

    ‘Nathaniel was named after his maternal grandfather’
    • ‘The local village was named Bexar after a Spanish nobleman.’
    • ‘I've even gone so far as to reaffirm my father's life by naming my son after him.’
    • ‘Tamara says she's thinking of naming her new baby after her dead father.’
    • ‘San Jose named a street after Steve Wozniack, cofounder of Apple.’
    • ‘Seriously, who names their daughter after a piece of fruit?’
    • ‘The guy the prize was named after may ring a bell from high school civics, if you're old enough to have had such a class.’
    • ‘It's kind of like the way neuroscientists have a penchant for naming neurotransmitters after video-game characters.’
    • ‘Since we're talking about President's Day, I shouldn't neglect to mention the man the big bridge to Jersey is named after.’
    • ‘How about naming some theater for George S. Kaufman?’
    • ‘Instead, Bruce was accompanied by Roscoe Conkling of New York; the two became fast friends, and Bruce later named his only child after Conkling.’
    • ‘Everyone knows Neil Simon, they named a theater after him.’
    • ‘The protesters claim they found naming his pet after their country derogatory.’
    • ‘They paid the land owner for the fossil and got it out of the ground in days, and as is the custom, they named the dinosaur for its discoverer, Sue.’
    • ‘Greenpeace named this forest after the region that spans the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau to where it meets the great Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts.’
    • ‘The hotel chef named the dressing for English actor George Arliss, who stayed there while performing in the play called The Green Goddess.’
    • ‘The family has extensive Scottish holdings and likes to celebrate its Scottish ties - down to naming tankers for sections of their Scottish estate.’
    • ‘I don't mean to diminish those other nominees, though I would question the worth of naming a school after a leftist city councilwoman.’
    • ‘Now, Madison, as you know, for whom this square garden is named after, was our shortest president at 5 feet, 4 inches tall.’
    • ‘I would not have, for instance, named an award after her - but others obviously disagree, as the mass e-mail that I reproduce below shows.’
    • ‘Seattle Weekly music editor Michaelangelo Matos joked that they named the record after their audience.’