Meaning of nancy story in English:

nancy story


  • 1West Indian A traditional African folk tale about Anancy the spider, who overcomes others by cunning.

    ‘So for me, nancy stories have always had a humorous air of winking at the audience, as though the storyteller's saying, ‘we all know people like this, but let's not name any names.’’
    • ‘Only Mike and nancy stories are consistently worth watching for.’
    1. 1.1An elaborate evasive story or lie.
      ‘the minister had left the country and so could not give his side of the nancy story’
      • ‘‘I do not find it strange that he and his kind will seek to create his own nancy stories.’’
      lie, fib, falsehood, untruth, fabrication, fiction, piece of fiction
    2. 1.2A superstitious belief.
      • ‘God is a nancy story, you hear’


Nancy, shortening of Anancy, from Akan ananse ‘spider’.