Meaning of nanny state in English:

nanny state

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mainly British
  • The government regarded as overprotective or as interfering unduly with personal choice.

    ‘I am now awaiting the cries of "nanny state!"’
    • ‘The free country has become the " nanny state ".’
    • ‘I too am not in favour of the nanny state.’
    • ‘You've been dumbed down by the nanny state.’
    • ‘I'm tempted to say what we've got is a ninny state, not a nanny state.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister says he doesn't want to oversee a nanny state.’
    • ‘In short we need precisely what Mrs Thatcher derided - the nanny state.’
    • ‘However, critics of the scheme say the moves smack of the nanny state.’
    • ‘The government seems to think the answer is to make us all the charges of the nanny state.’
    • ‘The U.S. should never become a "nanny state."’
    • ‘At the same time, the right wing critique of the nanny state rings true with much of the public.’
    • ‘We are actually proud to be a nanny state, despite the freedom we extol.’
    • ‘I do not believe in a nanny state where your every move is regulated under the pretext of "protecting" you.’
    • ‘This is no reason to simply shriek "nanny state!"’
    • ‘There's no denying it, we live in a nanny state.’
    • ‘That would be the over-zealous interference of the nanny state.’
    • ‘The 28-year-old sales assistant said she thought that introducing a law would be like creating a nanny state.’
    • ‘This isn't about the nanny state or big brother.’
    • ‘We live in a nanny state, it's about time we learnt to help ourselves.’