Meaning of nano in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnanəʊ/


short for nanotechnology
‘high-quality surgical nano wasn't enough to do the trick’
  • ‘nano scientists are talking about shrinking supercomputers to the size of a hardback book’
  • ‘Uses for the nano molecular sensor could encompass early diagnosis of genetic diseases.’
  • ‘Now researchers have taken advantage of a proposed quantum effect to construct a Y-shaped, nano electronic circuit that boosts signals spontaneously.’
  • ‘From there, he hopes to pursue a half dozen elevator-related businesses, from nano - to laser technology.’
  • ‘Canada's determination to carry its technological prowess into the nano era is similar to Taiwan's.’
  • ‘Future chips may be limited in the geometric complexity that can be created at the nano level because of problems with precision alignment.’
  • ‘In the near term, according to Thomas, advances will require a better understanding of the nano world and experimentation with nano-enhanced technologies.’
  • ‘The university's new nano science and engineering center offers opportunities in economic development as well.’
  • ‘She added that the city government has set up a nano industry promotion centre overseeing overall planning, research and development and industrialization of the local nano sector.’
  • ‘In the nano regime, material characteristics are dominated by surface effects rather than bulk material effects, opening up a host of new possibilities.’
  • ‘He predicted that there will be a surge of nano-naming, with the nano prefix showing up in all sorts of new places in the coming years.’