Meaning of nanoscopic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnanə(ʊ)ˈskɒpɪk/


another term for nanoscale
‘The system uses magnetic fields created in a series of millions of nanoscopic power rails rather than electric charges to store memory.’
  • ‘Ultimately, confining logical molecules in layers or three-dimensional lattices of nanoscopic bubbles might allow a true molecular computer to be built.’
  • ‘By the end of the novel, humanity has discovered an infinite number of universes bordering ours via nanoscopic wormholes whose mouths form subatomic particles.’
  • ‘Here we report the coexistence of microscopic and nanoscopic domains and quantitative analyses of nanoscopic domains, as small as ~ 25 nm.’
  • ‘We therefore studied the effect of the presence of this anionic lipid species on the structure of the films at the nanoscopic level.’
  • ‘Step edges are nanoscopic surface irregularities, minute rises from the suface level.’
  • ‘The team has now used this property of single DNA strands to link together nanoscopic gold particles.’
  • ‘Researchers have now begun to overcome this challenge: there are three "stops" on the route of their new nanoscopic "tram" made of DNA.’
  • ‘It has been found in both artificial and biological membrane systems that domains may form on nanoscopic to microscopic length scales.’
  • ‘The result is the formation of nanoscopic particles of metallic mercury, which completely absorb light and show up as black spots.’
  • ‘He and his collaborators describe the mat-making process and the mats' strength, flexibility, and nanoscopic structure.’
  • ‘Nanoscopic wires grown in gold may be the world's smallest solenoids, according to new theoretical analysis of the structures.’
  • ‘This involves filling millions of tiny nanoscopic holes in a centimeter-sized plastic or ceramic template with a solution that contains the chemical components that make up the electrode.’
  • ‘Assembling a machine sounds straightforward, but what if the components of that machine are nanoscopic?’
  • ‘Nevertheless, if confirmed experimentally, the solenoids add yet another tiny component to the list of nanoscopic electronic parts (resistors, transistors, capacitors) needed to construct highly miniaturized circuits and machines.’
  • ‘Nanoscopic gold spheres can be reversibly bound to DNA strands.’
  • ‘Previously, we demonstrated in the laboratory how some rare earth metals naturally form themselves into nanoscopic parallel wires when they react chemically with a silicon substrate.’