Meaning of nanotube in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnanəʊtjuːb/


  • A tubular molecule composed of a large number of carbon atoms.

    ‘nanotubes might replace some metal electronic components, leading to faster devices’
    • ‘The interactions of the lipid molecules with the nanotube may be classified as hydrophobic and hydrogen-bondlike.’
    • ‘A carbon nanotube is a single molecule that's about 500 times narrower than the silicon used in today's processor and is about 10 atoms across.’
    • ‘The reaction to attach them to carbon nanotubes involves a ring-closure between atoms in the ‘anchor’ and two carbon atoms of the nanotube.’
    • ‘Two different continuum electrostatic models are formulated to describe the ion solvation inside the nanotube.’
    • ‘Which in this case, researchers reasoned, resulted in the orderly molecular structure of the nanotubes.’