Meaning of nanowire in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnanə(ʊ)ˌwʌɪə/


  • A wire with a thickness or diameter of only a few nanometres.

    ‘In a relatively simple procedure, the researchers made Silicon nanowires by sealing silicon monoxide in an evacuated quartz tube.’
    • ‘One approach to building such devices is using nanowires as building blocks to construct two- and three-dimensional nanoscale devices.’
    • ‘The team is also trying to build LEDs and field-effect transistors out of its nanowires to see how well they work.’
    • ‘Using this method the researchers have deposited platinum outside the nanotube and grown a nanowire of gold inside the tube.’
    • ‘The fabrication of thin metallic wires, or nanowires, is a critical technology for communications technology.’
    • ‘He foresees that this method could be used to assemble functional electronic devices made from nanowires.’
    • ‘Silicon Valley is experimenting with silicon nanowires and carbon nanotubes, two structures that could eventually replace standard transistors on chips.’
    • ‘Since the metals in the nanowires molecule can be electrically connected to a surface, this offers the possibility of adjusting its electronic properties.’
    • ‘Among the approaches being developed today are nanotubes, nanowires and nanocomposites for batteries.’
    • ‘They obtained very strong nanowires, currently with a diameter as small as 100 nm.’
    • ‘By encasing a silicon-based polymer in conductive molecules, they've developed a nanowire that can detect very faint traces of explosives in air or under water.’
    • ‘‘The ions move, and they actually become reduced to form this little metal nanowire,’ he said.’
    • ‘A nanowire is a solid tube that can be as thin as the width of a single carbon atom.’
    • ‘Even more impressive was a new neurovascular approach his team developed that might soon be used to monitor and manipulate the brain using nanowires.’
    • ‘In particular, scientists could use external magnets to dictate the orientation and position of magnetic nickel nanowires within complex and tiny electronic systems.’
    • ‘To the right is an image of the same nanowires.’
    • ‘Their merging of low-temperature fabrication and nanowires in a high-performance electronic device is described this week in the journal Nature.’
    • ‘Because the nanowires are so tiny, researchers could eventually pack millions of them onto a chip and rapidly test a blood sample for all the known genetic mutations in the human genome.’
    • ‘The method allows engineers to combine nanowires of precise length with other silicon structures such as integrated circuits, he said.’
    • ‘Exactly how this process works is a closely guarded secret, but he and his team have basically developed a way to make nanowires any way they want.’